What Is Needed to go Global?

Business owners looking to expand their reach to include a global audience will need to get some components ready to handle the increase in incoming orders. Paying supplier invoices will have to be easier so the focus can be on the ramped-up business operations.


Social media is the way to capture attention and communicate directly with customers. The potential for users to share the business post or link is high so exposure grows exponentially. Review current social media pages maintained and consider adding a few more.

While Facebook is popular with people from the age of thirty and older, Instagram and Snapchat are used by young adults. YouTube provides the opportunity to showcase videos on a channel dedicated to the business. Links to all social media pages used can be placed on the business website, and each page can include the website.

Equipment and Staff

Investing in newer and more efficient machinery and equipment will be worth the expense if the business has struggled along with older ones. Larger ones, ones with higher capacity, or different ones altogether will provide a high return on the investment (ROI) by increasing output while saving money.

It is crucial to have enough staff in place to keep up with the expected increase in production. If the staffing levels are already where they need to be, training may need to be done so all sections or departments are aware of new expectations. Maintenance technicians will need training on machinery upgrades or new equipment.

Increasing Payment Options

Global browsers will not become customers if the payment options are limited or they cannot understand the language used on the checkout page. An all-in-one payment platform, such as BlueSnap, will allow businesses to offer multiple payment options in several different languages. This platform can be integrated with business platforms so there is no need to change anything regarding the system in place.

Switching to a platform that satisfies every need eliminates dealing with multiple payment providers. One payment, one account, and one contract make accepting payments simple. Paying business invoices is easier as well.

Going global is not complicated when owners reviewand prepare ahead of time. A successful transition is the goal, so the owner and staff are not overwhelmed.


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